Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypex?

Hypex is an online marketplace, with authenticated, highly requested sneakers. You can buy, you can sell.

Buying on Hypex

On Hypex, you can acquire a product by making an offer on it or directly purchasing it.

What happens after I place a buying offer?

Check your email or update your buying offer.

Do I get the original box when purchasing a pair of sneakers?

The original box will always come with your purchase.

Fees for selling/buying on Hypex

Hypex does not charge sellers any seller fees, but we will charge a refundable deposit when a seller or a buyer makes a selling/buying offer. You can either donate the deposit to us or get a refund of that deposit when a transaction is complete. There also comes a 3% fee charged by the credit card company, which is the transaction costs.
For buyers, Hypex also has a permanent fee for transaction costs. This fee is 3%.

Why is there a tag attached to my product?

Every product comes with a verification-tag". This tag guarantees the authenticity of the product.

Do I have to worry when the seller hasn't shipped within two business days?

The seller shipping its product towards us, is completely our responsibility, so you don't have to worry. We will always handle it.

Can I change my data, if my buying offer is already accepted?

You can't change any data after your bid is accepted.

Cancelling your buying offer

Cancelling your buying offer is possible, only if your bid has not been accepted.

Which payment methods does Hypex accept?

Buyers can pay with either PayPal or Credit Card.

Does Hypex allow refunds and/or returns?

Hypex usually will not accept refunds nor refunds. If anything went wrong with the order (wrong size, colour, product, etc.), you can always contact us by sending an e-mail to

Selling on Hypex?

On Hypex, there are two ways to sell your product:

  • Go to the highest buying offer and sell your item directly.
  • Place an selling offer to create listing of your item which a buyer can then accept.

What is a highest buying offer?

Highest buying offer are the highest offers buyers make.
If you agree with such an offer you will be able to sell your item immediately.

What is a selling offer?

A selling offer is a listing which is for sale. An ask is the lowest price a seller is willing to sell his/her item for.

What happens if I place a selling offer?

When you place a selling offer, your request will be processed in our system. If your offer is the lowest one, it will be shown on the item page for everyone to see. If it gets accepted, you will receive an email confirming the sale. You can always cancel an ask through your dashboard. Remember, after a sale has been confirmed, it can NOT be canceled!

How and when do I get paid as a seller?

You will receive your money when the sold product has passed our authentication process.

In what period am I obliged to ship the sold item?

The seller must ship the sold item within two business days.
If the seller does not ship it in the period of two business days, the seller might receive a penalty which could include a cut of the sale.